Adopter Profile

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued rabbit from San Diego House Rabbit Society. We have done our best to ensure that rabbits available for adoption are healthy and of sound temperament. All rabbits are spayed or neutered, and litter box trained.

Our goal is to match you with a rabbit based on the best temperament for you. Some rabbits will be better suited to a more experienced adopter, and others are great for first-time rabbit families. For those families or individuals inexperienced with indoor rabbit companions, we will ask you to attend our Bunny 101 seminar. They are held Saturdays from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.

As part of our efforts to find the best possible permanent homes for our foster rabbits, we request that you answer each of the following questions carefully. We will review your adopter profile and use it to help you find the best rabbit match for your family.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our adopter profile form!

Note: You must be 21 years of age to adopt. If you are under 21 and live at home, please have a parent or guardian complete the form with you. Your parent or guardian (21 or older) will be the person required to sign the legal adoption contract. We adopt only to homes where the rabbit is housed as an indoor family companion.

Describe your living situation (check all that apply)

Do all members of your household want a rabbit?

What role will a rabbit play in your life?

Does anyone in your family or household have allergies or asthma?

Will the rabbit be given as a gift?

Have you owned a rabbit in the past?

Where are you planning on housing the rabbit?

Do you have the necessary housing supplies ready today?

Where have you learned about rabbit care? Check all that apply:

With proper care and diet, a rabbit can live up to 8-12 years. Are you prepared to care for this rabbit for the duration of his/her life?

What circumstances would prevent you from keeping your rabbit?

Can you afford to pay someone to care for your rabbit when you are away for a period of time? Average cost is $25/day

Can you afford the costs of an experienced rabbit vet, should your rabbit become ill? Average sick bunny visit is about $400; surgery about $1,200 or more.

Please check any of the following areas where you would like more information: