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The flooring in which your rabbit walks on is important. Please visit the following link to view flooring tips.

Flooring Tips Courtsey of H.A.R.E., Inc.

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x-pen living

Housing your rabbit in an exercise pen (commonly known as an x-pen) can be a big improvement over the idea of a cage. With a cage your rabbit's space can be limited and he can become frustrated at being in a smaller space when you are away or asleep at night. X-pen living gives bunny more space, while still keeping him safely contained, during those times when you are not at home or need to keep bunny enclosed. Even for "jumpers" x-pens can be a good choice, simply by attaching some shade cloth (found in garden centers) or special-made wire tops made by pen manufacturers.

Bunny's x-pen not only holds his litter box, water and food dishes, but it can also hold a Cottontail Cottage, toys, and most anything he desires. What really makes them great is:

1) You're getting more space for your money (x-pens cost the same or less than most rabbit cages).

2) Bunny has more room to roam and feels "freer" while still in a safe place.

3) Pens are flexible and can be configured in any shape to suit your available space.

4) They are easy to clean and portable.

Molly and Miles have an x-pen attached to the outside of their cage, creating a large "front yard." Their cage door is never closed, so they can come and go as they wish. These two bunnies live in mom's office, where they get plenty of attention.

Here, the homeowner has had a custom pen built to size for this little niche in the family room. The wire is PVC coated and easy to keep clean. Again, her husband has constructed a platform to anchor the pen and protect the floor. Baxter & Scooter have a large litter box full of hay, and a plastic tote, turned upside down with a "door" cut into it, makes a fun place to hide or perch on top.

Here, the homeowner has used a standard "lawn pen" available from KW cages. It's dimensions are 42" square, and the wire is green, PVC-coated. It contains all the comforts of home, a soft towel, cardboard playhouse, and a hay rack that bunnies access from the second floor of their playhouse. Pergo floors are not easily damaged (as long as bunny is good about using his box), so nothing extra has to be placed under the pen.

Where to buy X-Pens

The San Diego House Rabbit Society Bunny Store carries x-pens between 24" and 36". Many rabbit rescue groups also sell x-pens for rabbits. Contact your local rescue to find out where you can buy an exercise pen. Here are other suppliers of x-pens:

Midwest - Via be sure to use AmazonSmile and support SDHRS with your purchase!
KW Cages in Santee, CA. Online ordering is available.
Precision Pet

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creative cage ideas

Smaller rabbits can do well in a cage as long as they are given at least three hours outside their cage, every day. They need room to run and play and interact with you. No matter how large a cage may be, time outside of the cage (or pen) is very important.

Make sure you purchase a cage that is large enough to accommodate Bunny when he/she is full grown. Make sure the cage is large enough for bunny to lay stretched out, when all the necessary supplies (litter box, water & food bowls) are inside.

Take into consideration the amount of daily run time your rabbit will receive, when determining cage size; in this case, bigger is better.

Make sure the cage door is large enough for a large cat litter box to fit through.

Make sure the cage door opens from the side, and not down, so bunny's feet won't get caught when entering or exiting the cage.

Urine guards are helpful in keeping hay and urine in the cage.

Casters or wheels on the cage make it easy to move about when needing to clean bunny's area,

And, don't forget, bunny needs several hours "out of cage" time, each day!

For small to medium rabbits (2-5 lbs.) we recommend a cage no smaller than 42" wide x 30" deep x 24" high. If bunny is larger, then a minimum of 36" wide x 30" deep is better (best of all, however, is the x-pen setup).

neat idea cages (nic)

Neat Idea Cages (NIC) are handmade cages created with supplies you can buy at local stores. The frame is usually composed of wire bookshelf panels (sold here from Be sure to separate the large holes from the smaller ones, as it is possible for a rabbit to get his or her head stuck inside. Floors can be made from cardboard, covered in carpeting and reinforced with wood and wooden dowel rods. Attach each panel with zip ties and cut them short so bunny is not able to eat them. The NIC is for the creative type - please send us your creations to share with other bunny owners!

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