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San Diego House Rabbit Society offers boarding at the Adoption Center in Kearny Mesa. We can accommodate singles, pairs and trios. Rabbits are housed in roomy 4' x 4' exercise pens.

Included in the boarding fee, we provide:

exercise pen


food dish

water bowl


blanket or towel

hiding box



pellets - Oxbow Adult Rabbit or Purina Rabbit Chow (depending on the age of the rabbit(s)

daily salad of mixed greens

You just bring your bunny in a carrier!

Drop-off & Pick-up: 10:30am - 5:00pm any day of the week.

Reservations are necessary. We often fill up weeks in advance for summer months and holidays.

Click the box below to check availability and to reserve your spot.

Questions about a reservation? (858) 565-2869 or

Boarding fees:

Single Rabbit $25.00 per day

Bonded Pair $30.00 per day

Each additional rabbit in same pen $5.00 per day

Additional Litter box $2.00 per day

Additional Services:

Additional Salad $2.00 per day

Administration of oral Medications $1 per med, per day

Injectible Meds $5 per med, per day

Sub-Q Fluids $5 per day

Nursing and Special Care $15 per day (wound cleaning, bandages changes, bathing, etc.)


Prices will vary. Please call the Adoption Center for pricing.

Overstay: In addition to regular daily fees, an additional $40 will be added for each night a rabbit is boarded beyond the scheduled pick-up date.
You may request to cancel your reservation for a full refund or a transfer, up to 72 hours before the date and time of the booking. Cancellation requests made within 72 hours of the booking date may not receive a refund nor a transfer.

In the event of a veterinary emergency, additional charges will apply.

Cancellation requests made within 72 hours before the booking date may not receive a refund nor a transfer.

Your bunny should be vaccinated at least 14 days before your board with SDHRS. Proof of vaccination must be provided prior to booking your reservation. If you have any questions on timing, please email us at

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Bunny Supply Store

Our "bunny supply store" is well-known throughout San Diego County as being THE resource for fresh hay, healthy pellets and treats, and having everything you need for your favorite bunny!

We sell high quality pellets and hay, rabbit safe bedding and an array of toys, grooming supplies, habitats and accessories to keep your bunny as healthy and entertained as possible.

Housing Supplies:

Carefresh Bedding

Litter boxes

Pellet and Water Bowls


Fleece beds



Toys Include:

Cottontail Cottage and Hopper Hideaway cardboard playhouses

Busy Bunny willow toys

Colorful wood toys from Pet Rabbit Toys

Rattle balls

Ring toys

Chew sticks

Seagrass Mats

Custom-made wooden houses & tunnels


Tigertails Foods: bunny treats and sweet potato crisps

Timothy Biscuits: carrot or apple

SMAKS from American Pet Diner

Kaytee Timbo Cubes

Kaytee Nibble Rings

Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits

Flopper's Garden: bunny crackers, herbal sprinkles, fully-leaved willow wreaths, tummy tea and more. Organic, herbal supplements for rabbits.

Combs, brushes, slicker brushes

Nail trimmers


Hay boxes: For pricing, please call us.

Mixed Hay 8lbs (orchard, timothy and oat)

Specialty Boxes 8lbs (Timothy/Orchard only) please call in advance

Alfalfa (baby/ grown bunnies food)

Gifts for Bunny Lovers:

T-shirts, Cups, Jewelry, Mouse Pads, Calendars, Bumper Stickers & More!

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We offer a mani spa treatments for your rabbit. Please click the button below to schedule your grooming appointment.

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House Rabbit Fundamentals Class (Formerly Bunny 101)

Classes given every Saturday to help you learn to best care for your rabbit companion. Check out our Events Calendar for more information or click below to sign up:

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Hoppy Hour

Due to COVID-19 and RHDV2, this is temporarily suspended until further notice.

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Agility Club

Due to COVID-19 and RHDV2, this is temporarily suspended until further notice.

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Hay Sales

Fresh Hay Sales: SDHRS offers our community the freshest mix of hays for the best price. And, $1 of every box goes to our the SDHRS Medical fund.

Our mixed hay is sold at the following locations:
- Central San Diego: SDHRS Bunny Supply Store, 4807 Mercury Street, Suite A, San Diego, 92111, at the corner of Mercury & Ronson Road in Kearny Mesa when the Bunny Store is open. * Cash, check or credit cards
- East County: Rancho San Diego Animal Hospital, El Cajon, 619-660-6767 * Payment by check only - Suspended until further notice
- North County Coastal: Encinitas Hay Shed, 1440 Paseo de las Flores, 760-633-1564 * Checks preferred. Directions: From I-5 go east on Leucadia Blvd., turn right on Quail Gardens Drive, turn left at first street (Paseo de las Flores), look for private driveway on left before curve in road, turn up driveway, shed is on the left hand side up the driveway before the gate.
- North County Inland: Acacia Animal Health Center, Escondido, 760-745-8115 * Cash, check or credit cards - Suspended until further notice.
- Riverside County: Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue, Murrieta, 951-834-5860 * Cash, check or credit cards ; hay in bags for $15

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Community Education Sessions

Come join us for an online bunny chat via Zoom. Topics include, bunny bonding, grooming, bunny-proofing and more!

All sessions are free! Click the button below to sign up:

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